Benefits of Membership:

NCMA provides contract professionals in the private and public sectors, buying and selling worlds, the knowledge and connections that offer lifetime career management through…

  • Contract Management Magazine — Feel confident with your knowledge of current trends. Up-to-date practical information, and contract management news from our full-color, monthly publication. Learn more.
  • Journal of Contract Management — In-depth, scholarly articles on theory and practice through our annual research-based publication. Learn more.
  • CM News-Monthly e-mail newsletter providing the most current news and information of importance to the contract management community. Learn more.
  • Chapter Affiliation — The chapter adds value by providing opportunities to members for networking, information on the profession, and educational forums that lead to career enhancement, in a local setting, tailored to local needs. Become an active part of a contract management community! Learn more.
  • Salary Survey — Receive the executive summary of our comprehensive annual survey, which reports findings on age and gender, certifications held, education level, experience, employer industry, organization size, position level, job title, and location. Learn more.
  • Professional Certification Programs — Prove to yourself that you know your stuff! Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM), Certified Commercial Contracts Manager (CCCM), Certified Federal Contracts Manager (CFCM), Industry Certification in Contract Management–Defense (ICCM–D), and Industry Certification in Contract Management–Federal (ICCM–F). Learn more.
  • Webinars — Access these live webinars through the convenience of your office or home…learn from subject matter experts about the “hottest” topics in the industry, federal contracting basics, commercial contracting basics, and much more. Learn more.
  • Members-Only Webinars—This series differs from the traditional NCMA webinar mainly in its focus. Members-only webinars will offer complimentary guidance and career advice rather than our traditional webinars.
  • Acquisition Leader Perspectives— This series of online events will highlight the views of high-level government and industry professionals to capture their perspective on acquisition. Each session, we will feature someone in a unique leadership capacity who can offer their views on where the industry is headed.
  • E-Courses—Online courses are now available for certification preparation and continuing education in support of re-certification. Study at your own pace, at a time and place that is convenient for you! Learn more.
  • Annual Educational Conferences — Government Contract Management Symposium, Subcontract Management Training Forum, and World Congress. Learn more.
  • National Educational Seminars — Receive in-depth information on the latest issues and trends in contract management. Designed to fit your busy schedule, these intense one-day training seminars are offered in variety of locations. Learn more.
  • Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders — Discover the connections that NCMA offers! NCMA’s Board of Advisors boasts a who’s who of experienced and influential executives from The Boeing Company, Wells Fargo, KPMG, iRobot, and Lucent Technologies to the Department of Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, and Defense Acquisition University.
  • New! Membership Opportunity Partners— NCMA recently expanded this program to include more than 5 new companies who offer NCMA members discounts on their programs and services. Companies include FedEx, GEICO, and more! Learn more.

NCMA Membership

New Member/One-Year – $175
Includes $25 initiation fee for new members.

Renewal Member/One-Year – $150

New Member/Multiple Year Memberships:
2 Years – $310
3 Years – $430

Renewal Member/Multiple Year Memberships:
2 Years – $285
3 Years – $405

New Professional Member/One-Year – $110
Includes a one-time $25 initiation fee. This membership is for those individuals who are age 33 or younger on the date they join NCMA.

Renewal New Professional Member/One-Year – $85
This membership is for those individuals who are age 33 or younger on the date of their renewal.

Member Pro Vita – $1,250
NCMA membership for life.

Retired Member/One-Year – $65
Individuals who are neither employed nor self-employed, and are current members of NCMA.

Student Member/One-Year – $35
This membership is for those individuals who are full-time students in an accredited, degree-granting institution, and do not hold full-time employment in contract management or a related field.

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